How to Get Listed

how the directory works

This directory is designed specifically for sessioning Mistresses, to effectively promote their availability and to make the business of finding a Mistress a simple, informed and rewarding experience for the user.

Our directory displays Mistresses and banners specific to the user's location, so as a Mistress you benefit from qualified and meaningful traffic to your website. In an age where web attention spans are shorter than ever, this also saves valuable time for the user.

If you are unsure as to whether to take a Free or Premier Listing, the information here is set out to enable you to make an informed decision.

free listing

A free listing in the directory means that when a user searches for a Mistress in your country, region, city or town - your image is displayed in the search results (in random order). Free listings do not include additional banner display.

premier listing

When a user searches in your location, your profile image is displayed at the top of the page in the high profile Premier listings section and your banner is displayed, making sure you get noticed with qualified traffic. Your banner and profile image are also displayed in rotation on the Home Page Premier Section. You can also let us know of any future travel plans and we will post a notice on our 'On The Move' page.

To see an example of how Premier listing highlights your profile, try searching now by entering 'Germany' into the Search bar on the home page and you will see our Premier Mistress profiles and banners stand out at the top of the page.

why should i have to pay for a premier listing?

Firstly, paying for a listing on FFD really does work. Should you have any doubts - just see the traffic stats in the table below. 

Secondly, listing is free in the directory, however keeping the Mistress profiles current and accurate on a worldwide scale is in itself a full time job and whilst we take pride in building and maintaining a polished directory service that really works for Mistresses and users, the reality is we are not a charity! We understand that some Mistresses want to pay a little extra for promotion to highlight their profile and this acts as a source of funding for the ongoing development, marketing and resource required to maintain the site. We could of course not charge a thing and run the site purely for the love of it, but then directories which operate on that basis, often start with great enthusiasm, but inevitably lose momentum and end up in the directory graveyard - plagued with obselete links, zero development and in turn - non existent traffic.

does a premier listing work?

Following extensive research with the aid of several high profile Mistresses, we have found that a typical Mistress directory would send you anything from an average 5 hits per week to 5 per day. Compare this to our recorded stats below and you can clearly see the benefit of holding a Premier Listing in our directory. Should you opt for a Premier listing, we would notify you within a week of your advertising period expiring, with a summary of traffic sent to your website, so you can make an informed decision as to whether to extend your advertising with us. 

The following table shows recorded and qualified traffic sent to the websites of just a few of our Premier Mistresses (Stats as at 1st June, 2013):

Miss Kitty Bliss
Daily Hits Average: 12.8
Total Hits: 243
Age:19 Days
Lady Ezada Sinn
Daily Hits Average: 12.4
Total Hits: 1,364
Age:110 Days
Lady Lola
Daily Hits Average: 15.9
Total Hits: 1,823
Age:115 Days
Mistress Athena
Daily Hits Average: 17.6
Total Hits: 2,111
Age:120 Days
Eleise de Lacy
Daily Hits Average: 13.0
Total Hits: 1,585
Age:122 Days
Madame Christine
Daily Hits Average: 24.8
Total Hits: 18,741
Age:756 Days
Divine Mistress Heather
Daily Hits Average: 24.2
Total Hits: 20,372
Age:843 Days

premier listing prices

  • 1 Month - £33
  • 3 Months - £66 - (1 Month Free)
  • 12 Months - £198 - (6 Months Free)

entrance page premium ad spot

Get your website listed on the entrance page to the Femme Fatale Directory and you will get a healthy stream of FemDom targeted customers visiting your site. Almost 1,000 Dominas worldwide link back to us and with a high profile link from the award winning Femme Fatale Films website, current traffic on existing ads are in the region of 30 to 40 unique hits per day. At only £33 per month (on our 12 month plan) you can see how cost effective it really is.

Take advantage of our great rates as noted below:

  • 1 Month - £66
  • 3 Months - £132 - (1 Month Free)
  • 12 Months - £396 - (6 Months Free)

For payment information about an entrance page premium ad, email us here together with your box ad in the dimensions 400 x 200 pixels.

getting listed

For Both Free and Premier Listings please follow the simple steps below:

1. Place one of our banners, as found on This Page, either on your Home Page or in a prominant location on your Links Page.

2. Send us an email with the following information:

  • The URL location of the FemmeFataleDirectory reciprocal banner on your website
  • Your Mistress name for public display
  • Your Website URL for public display
  • Your Email for public display
  • Your location for public display. Please include: Country, Region, City / Town
  • Attach a good quality portrait style photograph or let us know the URL where we can copy one from your website. This should be in the ratio of 160 pixels wide by 230 pixels in height as the minimum size
  • Confirm whether you wish to have a Free Listing or a Premier Listing
  • If you would like Premier listing - please attach a banner for your website - 468x60 in pixel size

Email us with the details above at:

If you would like to take advantage of the Premier Listing - let us know by email and we will send you payment method details.

about us has a great pedigree, with two of the original three developers of TheEnglishMansion in the team behind it, who now run the award winning Our team also includes a world class Mistress of great repute. Together, we have a proven track record of developing highly successful and traffic heavy websites in the Female Domination genre. The FemmeFataleDirectory benefits with a direct link from, with an established ranking of 108,000 in the world (Stats as at April 2013). If you compare this traffic ranking on to other leading directories, you will see that our traffic ranking is extremely healthy for websites in this genre and is continuing to grow.

This means high exposure for your profile and our longevity and integrity in this business adds credibility to our commitment to maintain and grow this directory service to be amongst the very finest the web has to offer.